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up for a walk

Title: up for a walk
Author: vampire_gherkin
Character(s): Abigail Sciuto, Timothy McGee, other character
Pairing(s): Abby/Tim
Genre(s): Het
Word Count: 544
Prompt: snow (ncisdaily, March 31st)
Author Note(s): English is not my mother tongue, therefore I apologize for any mistakes and welcome you to correct me. Apart from that this is not beta’d.
Disclaimer: NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles and all characters and references therein are not owned by this community or authors in use of such. No infringement of any rights is intended.
Summary: Someone sees their first snow. (sequel to I think I'm going to save that for tonight, never more scared, too much is never enough and you always know how to please me)

up for a walk

“Hey, do you think you two are up for a walk?”, Tim wanted to know when he stuck his head through the doorframe and into the living room. “Hmm, why not?”, Abby wondered. “Well, I thought you might find it too cold… at least for him.”, Tim was concerned, “I mean I know we got warm clothes and blankets and everything, but I also know that you’re a very careful and protective mother…” “Of course I am, or do you want me to be indifferent about the wellbeing of our son?!” Her tone was slightly indignant, but more surprised than anything else. “No, certainly not, I just feared you’d probably be a little… overprotective. So what about a walk and some fresh air? The sun is shining, the weather is nice…” His words were promising and tempting and after all some fresh air couldn’t be bad.
His wife smiled. “What do you think, Joshua?” The tiny boy on her lap squealed happily even though he certainly didn’t understand what his mother wanted from him. Abby and Tim laughed. “I’ll take that as a yes, huh?”, the young mother cooed, “Does Joshua want to go out and see the snow? Hm, snow for the first time? Does that sound interesting?” Tim smiled about his wife and her words to their son. They were just too cute together, but also alone of course, and he loved both of them dearly.
“Shall I dress him or do you want me to get his buggy ready?” “I don’t know, you can also dress him if you want to? But I should probably nurse him before that, I’m sure he will be hungry again soon.”, Abby smiled and swayed her son softly. “Okay, so what if I get his clothes and the buggy ready while you feed him?”, her husband offered. “Perfectly all right with me.”, Abbs smiled and started to pull her sweater up to breast feed Joshua, who immediately got nervous.

“All right, the hat - no Joshua, you got to keep those on! Your fingers will be freezing if you don’t…”, Abby gently shoved his small hands back into the gloves and tugged him in his blanket again. “Okay, ready to go.” “Then let’s go.”, the proud father carefully pushed the buggy out of the house and through the yard. “Come…”, he held out his hand to his wife, who took it and laid the other onto the buggy’s handle.
“Aaaw… look at him!”, she squealed with delight, “Look how fascinated he is!” She nearly bounced with joy at the sight of her son eyeing his environment curiously. Why was it so white? And why was it glistening and glittering everywhere, why was even the air glistening and moving? He held out his tiny, gloved fists inquiringly to catch some of the falling snowflakes and watched them melt on his gloves intrigued. He squeaked with joy and surprise and turned and twisted in his buggy pryingly to see everything around him and to observe what was happening. The thick gloves muffled the sound of his happy clapping, but to his parents it was one of the sweetest sounds they had heard so far. The expression of their son’s delight about the first snow he ever saw.


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Apr. 2nd, 2010 02:04 am (UTC)
awww.. How cute!
Apr. 10th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks! =D
( 2 done favours — make me happy )

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