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pack a punch

Title: pack a punch
Author: vampire_gherkin
Character(s): Abigail Sciuto, Timothy McGee, team, other characters
Pairing(s): Abby/Tim
Genre(s): Het
Word Count: 833
Prompt: dinner (ncisdaily, March 29th)
Author Note(s): English is not my mother tongue, therefore I apologize for any mistakes and welcome you to correct me. Apart from that this is not beta’d.
Disclaimer: NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles and all characters and references therein are not owned by this community or authors in use of such. No infringement of any rights is intended.
Summary: Abby is preparing dinner, but for whom? (sequel to part of the family, even better and experience)

pack a punch

“Hey, can I help you?”, Tim entered the kitchen to find his wife busily preparing dinner. “Looks like there’s quite a bit to do.” “No, just keep the children out of here, okay? Oh, and keep them away from the presents.”, she grinned. “But…”, her husband tried to change her decision when she interrupted him reassuringly: “Please, just do it, all right? I’m fine in here.” He sighed but agreed and backed out of the kitchen to look after his children.

Saphira was just trying to open the door when her father caught her. “Hey, what are you doing there? I thought I told you mummy wanted the two of you out of the kitchen today, didn’t I?” “But I want a glass of milk…”, his daughter pouted with a sad face. He smiled softly at his. “I’ll go and get you one, all right?”, he proposed and she nodded. “You think Phil might want one, too?” She nodded again. Tim sighed. “Hey…”, he kneeled down in front of her and stroked her cheek gently, “That doesn’t have to do anything with the two of you, okay? Your mummy is just busy preparing dinner for tonight and needs a little quietness to concentrate, all right? Or do you want her to spoil dinner?”, he grinned and she shook her head smilingly. “See? So I’m going to get some milk for you two quickly and then we can maybe play something or watch a film, what do you think about that?”, he suggested and her broad smile was enough of an answer for him.

When the doorbell rang a few hours later Saphira immediately jumped up from the couch excitedly and ran to the door, screaming “Grandpa Gibbs, Uncle Tony, Aunty Ziva, Grandpa Ducky, Uncle Jimmy!”. Her father laughed and followed her to open the door for their guests and welcomed them warmly. He led them to the dining room where they all greeted Phillip and Saphira properly before they sat down. “I’ll just go and check for Abby, make yourself comfortable, all right?”, Tim explained after he had filled all their glasses. “And you two behave and stay away from the presents, okay?”, he grinned towards his children, who gave him an innocent look like they had never tried to take a peek at their gifts.
“Grandpa Ducky? What is that?”, Saphira wanted to know when she climbed onto his lap and pointed to his glass of wine. “Oh, that is red wine, my dear.”, the elderly man smiled and held the young girl so she wouldn’t fall down. “What is wine, grandpa Ducky? Can I try?”, she was curious. He laughed. “Well, I suppose grape juice is more suitable for your age group, young lady.” “What does that mean?”, Saphira wondered. “That means, my girl, that children are not permitted to drink wine because it contains alcohol which makes you feel very strange and uncomfortable.”, Ducky explained. “But you want to feel uncomfortable?” Ducky laughed again. “No, of course I do not want to feel uncomfortable, but my organism is much older and bigger than yours, so I can handle wine better than you could. I regret you are just too small, Saphira.” “What is an ora-… orgi-… orga-…?”, she searched for the word but couldn’t find it. “Organism. An organism is…”, the medical examiner continued to explain until both Abby and Tim entered the room again, bringing in several parts of the dinner. “Let me do that.”, Ziva immediately rose from her place to help and take the bowls from Abby before she advised the still pregnant woman to stay with the rest of the group and followed Tim into kitchen.
“Now come, sit on your own place, Saphira, will you?”, Abby gently asked her daughter. “Dinner is ready and I’m pretty sure grandpa Ducky would like to eat, too, don’t you think?” “But I still don’t know what an origa-… orna-… orpha-… orga-thingy is, mummy!”, the girl complained while she climbed down from Ducky’s lap and walked over to her mother to sit next to her. “Your organism is your body, Saphira, that should be all you need to know for now, right?”, Jimmy, whose chair was next to one the little girl just climbed onto, bend to her smiling. She looked at him processing the words he had just spoken, then nodded and smiled: “Thank you, uncle Jimmy.” “You’re welcome.”, he returned her smile.

Bowls, plates and platters were hand around when everyone filled their plates with the delicious meal Abby had created and everyone tried to help everyone out. Abby and Tim cut their children’s meals up small and finally, when all plates were filled and everyone was ready to eat, they all chorused: “Merry Christmas!”, followed by a smaller chorus of “Thanks for the invitation.” and “This looks delicious.” or “This smells fantastic, really, Abby.”. “You’re welcome and bon appetit.”, the hostess smiled before she grinningly ordered: “Pack a punch, I’m not going to accept any leftovers.”


( 2 done favours — make me happy )
Mar. 30th, 2010 12:41 am (UTC)
I love this! Ducky trying to explain to Saphira about alcohol is so funny! Also HOORAY for another mcabby baby!
Mar. 30th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you do. =) *lol* Thanks, I could just ~so~ picture him trying to explain this and babbling on an on when one sentence would be enough to satisfy her. ^^
( 2 done favours — make me happy )

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