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Title: experience
Author: vampire_gherkin
Character(s): Abigail Sciuto, Timothy McGee, mentions of others
Pairing(s): Abby/Tim
Genre(s): Het
Word Count: 457
Prompt: love (ncisdaily, March 27th)
Author Note(s): English is not my mother tongue, therefore I apologize for any mistakes and welcome you to correct me. Apart from that this is not beta’d.
Disclaimer: NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles and all characters and references therein are not owned by this community or authors in use of such. No infringement of any rights is intended.
Summary: Some things you just have to experience. (possible sequel to part of the family and even better)


There were many different forms of love and they were glad they were able to discover and experience almost all of them.
There was the kind of love they felt for their parents, especially when they were younger, and the kind of love they felt their children give to them now. It was completely different of course, because they were made by or from their parents, but had made their children on their own, they were their own flesh and blood and it felt just great, almost too good to be.
Then there was the love to their siblings, the love of a brother to his sister or the other way around, and it was not nearly comparable to the love of their parents, though they were part of the family, too. Actually it was strange… sometimes they hated their siblings for going on their nerves, wrecking their toys, getting all the attention or whatever else, but they still could not stop loving them at all, because they were too important for them. I mean it was not like they had tried to kill each other or something like that, all their fights had actually been about minor things, simple short-time inconveniences, but nothing major that would cause them to stop loving each other. Even when loving each other meant playing tricks on each other like they had a million times. If something was wrong they were always there to help and protect each other.
In general they were always able to count on the love and help of their family and friends, who were almost part of their family, because they were too important for them to let anything happen to them.
And then there was the love of two people… two people who did not love the other one like a part of their family or in any way platonically, but who loved them with all of their heart and passion, for whom they were the greatest and probably the best thing that could have ever happened to them, the person with whom they wanted to spend the rest of their life.
Abby and Tim were able to experience this kind of love, but they were also able to experience every other kind, too. They just loved their children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and everyone who somehow was a part of their family, their hearts.
But having children and feeling their love was probably the greatest gift they could have ever wished for. Hearing a “Mommy, daddy, I love you.” brought their hearts to melt every time they heard it, again and again, and it would most certainly never stop. Even seeing the love between their children made them smile all the time.

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